Pink Floyd - Nobody Home.

I can totally identify with this song. Always have.

And what a fantastic analysis of the song I’ve found here.

pure awesomeness.

Not a bad book if you’re a fan of Star Trek. Or zombies. It even mentions Deep Space 9 at least once.


Star Wars saga hand-stitched onto 30ft tapestry

Picture: Aled Lewis has translated the entire story into a hand-stitched 30ft tapestry similar to the Bayeux.



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Scientists Create the Face of Crystal Skull Vodka From a Bottle

Crystal Skull vodka is probably known for its distinctive bottle. Forensic scientists used the bottle as a base and reconstructed its face - straight out of a crime drama! 

Crystal Skull Vodka

not sexy!!!! :/

life fulfilled


If only the Olympics were like this.

Chuck Barry - Memphis Tennessee

I love youtube.


New Study Shows That Bones Are Incredibly Cool | Subscribe to The Onion on YouTube

Yes they are pretty cool.

Sarah Jarosz - NPR Tiny Desk Concert

I’m in love.