wyatt’s two word review of the blackhole sun video:

"that’s creepy."

That’s what I’ve always said.

Love this song, but the video is super-creepy.

A few creepy and/or disturbing examples. I think the director of the video had something against women:


The Monkees ~ Randy Scouse Git

Since The Dead Milkmen have survived on Josh’s computer, I may have to test him with The Monkees this week…

Always liked this song. I considered one of their more “serious” songs, and although not as psychedelic as “Daily Nightly”, it was a step in the right direction.

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My eclipse movie. Not a great piece of camera work but you get the idea.

Don’t Tell Me You Love Me - Night Ranger

Yeah, I probably posted this before. But damn the guitar solos are awesome.

BTW this video looks like a crappy short 16mm film I did in film school. Yuck.

Why have I never seen this before? I guess I was happy enough just listening to the album…until now.


Again and again and again and again
do it again 

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This is SO the future of photos and video and movies.

Since you’ve signed on to start the picture revolution with us, we want to share a special insider exclusive - the 3D demo that we played at our launch party last week. So grab your collector’s edition Avatar 3D glasses and pretend you’re squeezed in with a couple hundred of your closest friends – just like being there.

Actually, here are the details you need to know: Lytro’s light field camera automatically captures pictures that can be viewed in 3D. You can view this living picture 3D demo using colored (anaglyph) glasses, a 3D display, or by doing fancy tricks with your eyes.



Destructive Jackson, MS Tornado!

Extreme, up-close video of a violent tornado doing damage in the west side of Jackson, MS on April 15, 2011. (Clinton, Mississippi)

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First Aid Kit - Ghost Town

I’m obsessed at this point.

You can watch most of Inception in parallel in this video. Of course you won’t know what’s going on unless you’ve seen the movie in the first place.